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Belgium Impact, in its ambition to inspire, inform and create interconnections, is closely involved in the following social entrepreneurship and sustainability projects, and aims to contribute with its core assets and resources.


Belgium Impact has the honour of serving as an inspiration source for this Erasmus + Capacity Building project (36 months) aimed at developing an international platform in support of social entrepreneurs. It includes 17 consortium partners and 36 associated partners from Europe and Latin America. Go to the website.



The Municipality of The Hague and their consortium partners Euclid Network, the province of Antwerp, Region of Hannover, Social Enterprise NL, city of Aalst and Efeler District proposed the R.R.E.S.I. project to the European Commission. Collectively they bring a lot of experience and knowledge to the table, as to how local and regional governments play crucial roles in creating a favorable ecosystem for social impact. This international project and collaboration aim to focus on local approaches and policies, as well as disseminate best practices amongst other cities and regions. The Hague, Hannover, Aalst, Antwerp, and Efeler District are the leaders participating. Go to the website.

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