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De Punt

De Punt is a business center in Ghent that offers space for entrepreneurs to grow. We do not exclude any entrepreneur, but have a preference for social and vulnerable entrepreneurs. This has led, among other things, to the creation of spin-offs Starterslabo (for vulnerable entrepreneurs) and SOIF (for social entrepreneurs). For social entrepreneurs we also have a permanent offer of advice, coaching, training and other trajectories (

De Stuyverij

De Stuyverij is an incubator for initiatives that have the potential to create social impact and aims to create an honest, tolerant and meaningful environment for all individuals. They intend to offer individuals a network and space to actively search for new insights and balance in individuals’ lives, where work, personal development and family are central but where balance in societies is also emphasized.

Steunpunt WSE

The Steunpunt Werk (Work and Social Economy) is a university knowledge centre that supports and orients the Flemish labour market policy by means of monitoring, analyses, projections and evaluations. The Steunpunt is also a hub for disseminating labour market information.


15+ year old expertise centre for social and solidarity economy in Brussels and Walloonian territory.

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