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Niki de Schryver


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COSH! wants to encourage shoppers to change their purchasing behaviour and to opt for sustainable(er) clothing options. COSH! is a Belgian start-up from West-Flanders, which aims to reduce the social impact of fast fashion by guiding shoppers towards more ethical and sustainable clothing alternatives - within their own style and budget. The social and economic problems of fast fashion should not be underestimated: poor working conditions, underpaid labour, exploitation, slavery and child labour. The impact on the environment and surroundings is also considerable: (chemical) pollution, microplastics and non-recyclable substances cause major problems. Fortunately, people are becoming more and more aware of these problems and want to make the shift to more sustainable clothing. But how and where to find more sustainable clothing options remains a difficult matter. And what exactly is 'sustainable', too. COSH! is Conscious Shopping Made Easy. Thanks to the COSH! platform, consumers can quickly and easily find retailers in their area where they can buy more sustainable clothing brands. In the COSH! database, we collect these brands and assess them on the basis of independent sustainability criteria and efforts. In this way COSH! contributes to a better society: - Changing the purchasing behaviour of end consumers (shift to more sustainable purchases), in a simple and accessible way. - to assist retailers in making their offer more sustainable or to expand their already sustainable offer - support the local economy by showing shoppers where in their neighbourhood they can buy the sustainable clothing brands - offer sustainable or more ethical choices to everyone, including those with a lower budget, by removing the imaginery tresholds of style and budget.


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